Vacation Learning Adventures in Western New York

Welcome to the World's Vacation Learning Center! For well over a century, visitors and residents of Chautauqua County have been engaging in and promoting learning for the sake of... well, having fun. We've been gathering at lakeside assemblies and summer camps, attending cultural performances, and welcoming world travelers and guests searching for a place for personal growth. Each summer, Chautauqua Institution offers hundreds of classes for youth and adults in subjects ranging from music to fitness through its Special Studies program. Area attractions and instructors offer dozens of workshops from growing hops to foraging for wild edibles duiring Spring and Fall learning seasons - Chautauqua in Spring and the Colors of Chautauqua. Take a Chautauqua vacation and learn something new and fun. See the Learning on Vacation calendar for dates and times of scheduled workshops or look below for more general learning opportunities. 


Learn to Golf

Brush up on your skills or learn new ones at the Chautauqua Golf Learning Center and Peak Academy. READ MORE


Visit Art Galleries

Tour a number of galleries featuring local, regional and nationally recognized artists. READ MORE


Buy a Ticket to Jamestown

Visit the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum, Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Robert H. Jackson Center and more. READ MORE

  • Learning at the Chautauqua Institution

    Chautauqua Institution

    Special Studies courses, a nine-week lecture platform, golf, sailing, and youth camps in this 136 year old summer learning center...more

  • Chautauqua Natural World Learning Experiences

    Natural World

    Chautauqua County offers a diverse mix of outdoor learning opportunities from the lakes and waterways to the skies above ...more

  • Outdoor Sports Classes in the Chautauqua Area


    Take advantage of year round and seasonal sports for the novice to the expert - skiing, boating, golf, fly-fishing, biking...more

  • Learning Vacations - History and Culture Experiences

    History and Culture

    Take a history lesson through Victorian, lakeside, and Amish communities, historic cemeteries, on a boat cruise...more

  • Culinary Experiences in Western NY

    Culinary Experiences

    Learn to appreciate and use locally grown foods, regional wines and local brews, while learning about our agricultural and grape hertiage...more

  • Learning Vacations - Creative Camps

    Creative Camps

    Learning adventures for the whole family. Tap into your creative side with classes in arts, crafts, music, dancing, writing and ...more

  • Learning Vacations - Personal Development

    Personal Development

    Take some time to take care of you with classes in nutrition, exercise, and personal enrichment...more

  • Learning Vacations - Classes for Seasonal Skills


    Some skills just take time. Look here for learning opportunities that last all season long...more

  • Learning Vacation Opportunities for Youth


    Learning opportunities geered especially for the younger generations...more