The Village of Fredonia boasts the 1891 Opera House as well as a top-ranked campus of the State University of New York. The founding roots of the Concord grape industry are evident in Westfield, and antique lovers delight in several shops. The grape belt also features two notable lighthouses, one at Dunkirk Harbor the other at Barcelona.

While most of the region's grape harvest goes into the production of juice, jellies and syrups, wine-making has become a growing tradition since 1830 when Deacon Elijah Fay produced his first six gallons in a cellar in Westfield. Today, Chautauqua County produces wines for all tastes, from the fruity native Labruscas and exquisite French-American wines to European Chardonnays and Rieslings. Ice Wine, produced from last harvest, frozen grapes is also an increasingly popular choice. Twenty-three wineries comprise Lake Erie Wine Country which spans a 50 mile journey from Silver Creek, NY into Erie County, PA and includes over 30,000 vineyard acres between the two states. Annual events include a Wine and Chocolate Weekend in February, Wine and Art Weekend in March, Wine and Cheese Weekend in May and Harvest Wine Weekends in November.